I’ve wanted to add comments to my blog for a long time now. Initially, I started out with Disqus until I became more aware of how much tracking they added.

Over the past few years, there have been a plethora of new contenders in the comments arena: gh-commentify, Isso, Hashover, and lambda-comments to name a few. They all had their pros/cons but I wanted something really simple for my blog where I didn’t have to put much effort into getting it to work.


Utterances proved to be the right commenting system for me. It requires a public repo on GitHub, adding a file to said repo, and a script tag where you want comments to show up.

Comments are then tracked via GitHub Issues per page using the user’s github account. If the page does not have any comments, the first comment can trigger the creation of the issue! Best of all, Utterances is also open source