I’m a big fan of productivity tools. A particular tool that I use every day is Alfred. Alfred is customizable and supports Workflows to further enhance your experience. When I work on iOS apps, I find myself going to a dependency’s source or searching for a certain iOS library.

The Pods workflow helps with searching for pods and copying the pod 'Pod' stanza to your clipboard.


To use the workflow, you use the pods prefix plus your query

pods rx

Searching for rx

Pressing Enter or ⌘+[1-9] will open the page for that CocoaPod.

Copying To Podfile

Once you have a pod, you can press ⌘+C to copy the code to your clipboard. For example, if you selected RxCocoa, the clipboard contents would look like:

pod 'RxCocoa'

Opening the Source

Alfred Workflows support alternative actions when a user has Option/Alt, Control, Command, or Shift pressed. To open the source for the current Pod, press Option+Enter.

How Do I Get It?

npm install -g alfred-pods
# or with yarn
yarn global add alfred-pods

Binary version

After a few months, I decided to rewrite it in Rust to make installation much simpler. Now you can download the pure alfredworkflow without installing anything else.

Download the latest version